Amy Gurowitz

Amy Gurowitz
Amy Gurowitz is dedicated to helping people with Multiple Sclerosis live their lives to the fullest while dealing with a disease that is difficult to understand and impossible to predict. She achieves this by drawing upon her own experiences as patient, having lived with MS for more than twenty years, and bringing to it a critical perspective through her education and professional efforts.

Amy received a Bachelor's Degree in Film from University of Maryland and a Masters in Instructional Design from New York University. While her diagnosis and education/career track seemed separate realms of her life, in the past decade they have aligned in the primary focus of her non-profit organization: MS Softserve.

MS Softserve is an interactive learning environment on the web that provides customizable learning for individuals who need to understand their lifelong illness as it grows and changes. This unique approach is designed to give the users control over the process, and thus empower them for a life of learning. Receiving the first grant ever awarded by the National MS Society, the development of is underway. She has founded the non-profit SoftServe Matters to make this and other sites like it, a reality for the people who need it most.

Amy works as a consultant and guest speaker, helping healthcare professionals better understand the patient experience, learn simple ways they can make their communications and education efforts more effective with patients, and gain insights into the experience of a participant in clinical trials who then personally benefited from a drug through its lifecycle developments and improvements.

Amy has consulted for pharmaceutical companies, physician organizations, and nurse educators and others dedicated to helping improve the lives of patients with chronic disease. She writes for HealthCentral's MS site and blogs carefully crafted essays at

Instructional Design for e-learning, Subject Matter Expert of the patient experience, living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years complemented by her expertise in Instructional Design.

Deanna Kirkpatrick

Deanna Kirkpatrick
Deanna Kirkpatrick was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2006, which left her paralyzed up to her ears in a matter of days, it took her several months to re-learn to walk. After several severe relapses that left her bedridden for months, physicians diagnosed the bigger disease state to be Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Transverse Myelitis is a very rare and severe on-set to Multiple Sclerosis.

Deanna previously worked as an On-Air Radio personality for CBS radio in Seattle (KMPS/KYCW) during the 90's then went on to work in Pharmacutical Sales as a Diabetes Care Specialist with both Roche Diagnostics and Novo Nordisk until her diagnosis in 2006.

As of 2013, and 7 years of being diagnosed with RRMS/SPMS Deanna was UN-Diagnosed with MS, when it was revealed her spinal cord lesions have mysteriously healed. Deanna still has the LETM (Longitudinally Extensive Transverse Myelitis), a diagnosis from the beginning (a rare neuro cousin and on set to MS) and currently put in the category of Encephalomyelopathy, simply meaning rare disease of the brain and spinal cord. We may never know what she truly has and that's OK. Since being off of her MS drugs, she is getting better. So you can simply call her MS. Diagnosed. ;)

She currently is the the producer/co-host and one of the founders of Multiple Sclerosis Unplugged which supports two radio shows on Blog Talk Radio. MSLOL w/ Amy Gurowitz and Stu MS Radio with Stu Schlossman. Stu MS Radio discusses all the latest advancements in MS with the top Neurologists and Researchers in the world. And Amy shares the MS experienece from a patients perspective in a fun, positive and entertaining way.

She enjoys time with her two nephews (Alex/Andrew), her two cats (George/Buddy) and her dog (Chica).

As of Dec 2015 Deanna's diagnosis is now LETM/Neuro Myelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder. Happy that new science in Neurology finally confirmed her new diagnosis 9 years into this journey. Being mis-diagnosed with RRMS/SPMS for 6 years.

Stuart Schlossman

Stuart Schlossman
For 10 years, Stuart Schlossman suffered from symptoms that doctors couldn't pin to a single disease: fatigue, pain, memory problems, vertigo, dizziness. Finally in 1998, a doctor finally told him what he's been waiting for: Multiple Sclerosis.

"I may have heard of it, but it's not something that stuck," Schlossman said. "There wasn't much knowledge about it among anybody I knew either."

Joining a support group, he found that his web savvy was helpful to others and he would pass along links and article he'd read about the disease. Soon, the mailing list exploded to in 2008. Today, patients and healthcare professionals around the world follow him on Twitter, Facebook, a monthly radio show, Webinars, podcasts and live seminars.



MS CHICK (Amy Gurowitz) and MS DIAGNOSED (Deanna Kirkpatrick) are catching up after their Summer hiatis. So grab a good cup of coffee and listen (you just never know where this conversation goes!!)

2014 Jul 25 - MS UPDATE 2014 w/Dr. Steingo

Host Stuart Schlossman and Co-Host Producer Deanna Kirkpatrick get an MS Update for 2014 from Dr. Steingo. Updates include rare diseases that are cousins to MS too. ADEM, NMO, ON, TM, PPMS, etc.

2014 May 14 - Using Fitness to Beat the MonSter (MS)

Stuart Schlossman interviews David Lyons (TV Producer/Author) about his MS Journey and how Diet/Exercise/Body Building helped him Beat Down The MS MonSter.


MS CHICK (Amy Gurowitz) and MS DIAGNOSED (Deanna Kirkpatrick) have a special edition podcast when some MS nurses drop by to tell us how they can help you!


Deanna Kirkpatrick (MS DIAGNOSED) and Amy Gurowitz (MS CHICK) catch up and are ready for Spring. In this coffee chat episode, we discuss Deanna going back to work for the first time in 8 years and the challenges, fears, anxiety we all have in trying to go back. We also discuss medications that help, who you need on your health team, and what you can do with where you are at in your MS or TM journey.

2014 Mar 26 - Ryan Asdourian>Aka Blitz/Seattle Seahawks and his journey with MS

Ryan Asdourian is a Microsoft Executive by day and Blitz's "Handler" for the Seattle Seahawks and was diagnosed with MS over 6 years ago. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the Greater NorthWest Chapter of The National MS Society and has raised close to 400,000 in the last four years with Team Blitz and their yearly pub crawl.

2014 Mar 19 - Myelination

Stuart Schlossman and Deanna Kirkpatrick interview Dr. Yarger and he updates us on the latest research on Re-Myelination Research.


It's our February 2014 update! One of the things we will be discussing is how you can go back to work with your TM/MS.

2014 Jan 14 - Stem Cells and Why the US Government wants to Regulate them

Stuart Schlossman and Deanna Kirkpatrick interview two Stem Cell Advocates who were apart of Cell Tex in Houston when the FDA shut them down, leaving them to flee the country to get their Stem Cell Therapy elsewhere. Not only do they share their story, but will explain why the US Government wants to regulate our very own Stem Cells and how this will impact Stem Cell Therapy in the future. Jennifer Zieglier and Tracy Thompson are our guests.


Amy Gurowitz (MS CHICK) and Deanna Kirkpatrick (MS DIAGNOSED) catch up after the holidays, and ringing in 2014, You just never know what they are going to talk about, so grab a cup of coffee and listen in. :D

2014 Jan 09 - Singer/Songwriter Trey Farmer debuts his NEW EP and discusses his MS

Singer Songwriter Trey Farmer debuts his NEW EP and discusses how MS became the inspiration behind his songs and how he has achieved part of his dream inspite of his MS Diagnosis.


Deanna (MS DIAGNOSED) and Amy (MS CHICK) are in the thick of Fall and Catching up with each other. Issues discussed, Cognition (having issues??), and I know there was something else but I just forgot!! LOL>you just never know where our coversations go. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show!

2013 Nov 05 - Myelin Repair, New MS Medications on the way!

Dr. Kantor discusses what he thought was very interesting and promising at this years 2013 ECTRIMS Meetings in Denmark Copenhagen. New medications, new research on myelin repair, brain atrophy, nerve damage.


Deanna Kirkpatrick and Amy Gurowitz wrap up their Summer, as school starts and Fall is coming quick! Chatting about anything and everything, so you just never know where our conversations go!

2013 Aug 22 - Dr. Scott Gold

Stu Schlossman and Deanna Kirkpatrick have Dr. Scott Gold answer all your questions about BG-12 aka Tecfidera, Bone Marrow Transplants>Stem Cells, etc. Dr. Scott Gold grew up in Miami, Fl. and recieved his medical degree from The University of Miami, he is board certified in both Neurology and Psychiatry. Hes been involved with medical research for over 15 years and is the Medical Director of The MS Center in Brevard, FL.

2013 Aug 09 - Snowflake Series>Trent Reed

Trent Reed and his wife will share their personel journey with MS!


We are halfway through our Summer! Deanna and Amy catch up on Neuro appts, traveling with disabilities, and what you need to know about service animals! :D


Deanna and Amy discuss relationships with MS, Amys up coming B-day and Summer plans! :D

2013 May 14 - MS CHICK and MS. Diagnosed (formally known as 2 MS CHICKS)

Deanna Kirkpatrick and Amy Gurowitz catch up after Deannas UN-Diagnosis of MS since her lesions in her spinal cord have healed. So did she receive a blessing from God? Or did Dr.s screw up after 7 years?? You just never know what were going to chat about next!

2013 May 14 - Adherence, Compliance and MS Symptoms

Stu Schlossman and Deanna Kirkpatrick interview Dr. Brian Steingo, Neurologist and featured Speaker of The MS Views And News Symposiums, he is a researcher and on the board for MS Views and News and on The National Multiple Sclerosis Societys Medical Advisory Board. :D

2013 Apr 19 - 2 MS CHICKS??? Or One Miss Diagnosed??

Deanna and Amy catch up on their medical visits, life and all the craziness of living a life with MS.

2013 Mar 08 - 2 MS CHICKS

Deanna and Amy chat and catch up on their MS, Dr. Wahls, debut Trey Farmers Song "I Love The Way" which worked out perfectly for Amy to take a quick bathroom Amy is approaching her 25th anniversary with MS, Deanna is approaching her 7th anniversary with the MonSter and how we deal. It is March, time for MS Awarness and get your Orange on! :D

2013 Mar 01 - Dr. Terry Wahls

Stuart Schlossman and Deanna Kirkpatrick interview Dr. Terry Wahls and ask all your questions about her MS diet, her amazing recovery from having Secondary Progressive MS (from wheelchair to riding a bike again), how functional medicine plus nutrition can give all of us who have MS HOPE. However, I do want to add that she clearly states she still has MS, it is NOT a cure, and you need to consult your physician before making any decisions of a medical matter.

2013 Jan 23 - Depression and Other Psychological Issues of MS

Deanna and Stu interview Dr. Rick Harris about dealing with the psychological impacts of MS Depression, grief, loss, how to deal with thoughts of suicide and how to cope and thrive inspite of your MS.

2013 Jan 14 - 2 MS Chicks!

Amy and Deanna discuss Deannas latest Neuro appt>and do you keep track of your lesions? Discussion includes Stem Cell Therapy, Disease Modifying Drugs, side effects of medications, cognition issues and MS Soft Serve update from Amy! :D

2012 Dec 27 - 2 Singer/Songwriter Trey Farmer

Singer/Songwriter Trey Farmer debuts his new single "I Love The Way.." a song about living with and through the pain and diagnosis of MS, "its a beautiful, soulful, joyus and hopeful song" Trey Farmers 5th Anniversary of being diagnosed at the age of 22 is today (Dec. 26th) and he takes us on his physical, emotional, spiritual journey of MS through his music. You dont want to miss this interview, we discuss, school, jobs, music and dating with a chronic illness.

2012 Dec 20 - 2 MS CHICKS

Merry Christmas!! Happy (be-lated) Hanukkah!! Deanna and Amy are back with a little coffee MS Chick Chat about what is going on in their lives, advice for newbies newly diagnosed, MS Soft Serve (along with our chat about Robbie Benson and Deannas Keith Urban story), medications, information, and things weve found out along the way with our journey with MS. Amy Gurowitz was diagnosed with MS 24 1/2 years ago, is a blogger, radio host and founder of MS SoftServe Deanna Kirkpatrick was diagnosed with Longitudinal Extensive Transverse Myelitis that left her paralyzed up to her ears in a matter of days, took months to re-learn to walk. After several severe Relapses found the bigger disease state to be RRMS, although the last two years have been more like SPMS. So many questions, we are on a quest to find answers and humor along the way. :)

2012 Nov 28 - MSU>Snowflake Series featuring Cindi Johnson!

The Snowflake series developed due to the number of times I have heard the term Snowflake used by various Neurologists in describing MS patients, youll never find two cases alike, however, as I say, we are all stuck in the same snow drift together. So I embarked on interviewing various inspiring people with MS. My first guest in this series is Cindi Johnson. A Womens Natural Wheelchair Bodybuilder. Before MS Cindi worked as a Trainer, Physical Therapist and a body builder and competed for many years. Now she shares her very powerful, moving, inspiring and heartbreaking story with MS and how she struggles inspite of the pain and the progression of her MS. And creating new roads for Men and Women who are wheelchair bound to compete in body building series that didnt exist before her! Her inspiring spirit and smile is only half the story, you dont want to miss this one!!!

2012 Oct 25 - Dr. Ben Thrower!!

Stu and Deanna interview Dr. Ben Thrower about our MS and our MS "cousins" rare demylenating diseases and how they could possibly hold the key to finding a cure for MS>Stem Cell therapy, ADEM, NMO, TM are discussed. Also how to get in touch with your inner pirate this Halloween and a little rum hurts no one. ;)

2012 Oct 24 - MS Chicks

Damn they are funny... and soooo smart. I wish I was one of them. Oh yeah. :)

2012 Sep 25 - Neurologic Concerns and Answers of Multiple Sclerosis

This is a GREAT show with our guest Dr. Daniel Kantor who answers all your questions from last months show (we were overwhelmed with questions!! whooo hooo). So in this podcast you will hear about the two NEW oral medications coming out, how a Dr. determines your when to change your diagnosis from RRMS>SPMS and PPMS. The difference between Neuro Myelitis Optica and Optic Neuritis and when you should fire your doctor! :o

2012 Sep 12 - 2 MS Chicks

Amy Gurowitz and Deanna Kirkpatrick chat about their MS, and MS in general.

2012 Aug 16 - MS>Migraines>Chronic Central Nervous Pain

Neurologist Dr. Kantor answers your burning questions about MS. Dr. Kantor is a Migraine and MS specialist in his field. Great and very intersting conversation with Dr. Kantor and Stu>definitely a must listen (I even learned a few things!!)

2012 Jul 26 - Food As Medicine>One Pot Meals>MS and Food Allergies

Stu and Deanna talk with Dr. Elizabeth Yarnell, who is a Naturpathic Doctor and MS patient herself and how she uses "Food As Medicine" to help with her journey with MS. She is also a published author of "Glorious One Pot Meals" and discusses her MS Food Project.

2012 June 27 - Stem Cell Patient Advocate Holly Huber

Stu and Amy (Amys filling in while Deanna is on an MS assignment) chat with Stem Cell Patient Advocate Holly Huber as we get an update on her remarkable Stem Cell Journey that gave her a second chance at life.

2012 May 24 - Your Questions Answered :)

Dr. Marco Vespignani will join Stu and Deanna to answer all your questions about Alternative Medicine from our last show!

2012 Apr 27 - Alternative Therapies In MS>Naturpathic/Holistic

Join Stu and Deanna as they speak with Dr. Marco Vespignani about holistic and naturpathic therapies that can help with MS. And Sandy Silvi will be join us to share with us her Stem Cell Transplant story and how it transformed her life with MS.

2012 Mar 29 - MS Cure??>Or Snake Oil Salesman?

Join Deanna and Stu as we talk about people who promise or suggest that a certain diet, water, vitamin or bacteria can cure MS. We will be talking to a woman who says she has cured her MS, and we have Neurologist Dr. Kantor in the wings to field these interesting topics.

2012 Mar 01 - White Matter/Grey Matter and how it Matters with MS

Stu and I will be chatting with Dr. Scott Neilsen Nuerologist from Virginia Mason Seattle. And talk about how they are finding that Grey Matter may actually be a better predicter of the course of your MS. What we are finding it that it's not how many lesions you have but how big, and where they are found. And Dr. H will be back to answer all your questions!!

2012 Feb 26 - MSLOL PODCAST: The Show Must Go On

Its here! The premier MSLOL (MS: A life of learning) podcast. Meet Kristie Salerno Kent. Performer, actor, singer, songwriter.. entertainer extraordinare and a woman living with MS. "The Show Must Go On" is not only the title of Kristies award winning film at the 2007 National MS Societys festival, its also her approach to life in spite of and because of how the challenges living with MS affect our every performance. Shes an inspiring woman. So download and hit play. Its a sold out show you wont want to miss. Oh, and break a leg! ~Amy

2012 Feb 24 - Introducing a new format for MSLOL

Deanna Kirkpatrick and Amy Gurowitz are going podcast. Listen here for the details!

2012 Jan 26 - The Mystery of MRI's and MS Symptom Management

Why do lesions appear but I don't have symptoms? Why DON'T lesions appear and I have (many) symptoms? White Matter/Grey Matter lesions what's the difference purpose of scans with/without contrast. Get all your questions answered by our featured Neurologist.

2011 Dec 15 - Chat Stu

MS Chat Stu with Deanna and Stu!

2011 Nov 15 - Turkey, check. Cranberry Sauce, check. Medical Marijuana....

....priceless! MSLOL Radio explores the aforementioned topic. No, not your thanksgiving menu; the priceless part! Its all about medical marijuana and how its an effective treatment for many of us living with MS. There will be some very special guests- including a chef that will tell us about how to cook this therapy in to some very tasty dishes! Join me and Deanna Kirkpatrick for what will be a very informative and entertaining evening. Be sure to bring some pre-holiday tastings just in case you get the munchies! ;)

2011 Oct 27 - When Therapies Fail...Then What??

I just "failed" my second MS Disease Modifying Drug (aka DMDs) and I know Im not the only one. I hope you will join us tonight at we interview Alison Hernandez Clinical Specialist in Genetic Studies from the University of Miami School of Medicine. And have all your MS questions answered by Neurologist Dr. Shafer.

2011 Sep 29 - Winning The Disability Challenge

Winning The Disability Challenge with Dr. John Tholen Psychologist/Author presents A Practical Guide To Successful Living If you ever felt a bit "lost" about what to do with your life since your disability this is your show!!

Mission Statement

Multiple Sclerosis Unplugged is an MS group dedicated to providing information on MS globally in an informative, entertaining and educational way to patients, peers, friends, family and caregivers. StuMSradio and MSLOL Radio have combined their efforts and are now simply known as MultipleSclerosis-UnPlugged on Blog Talk Radio. You will still hear your favorite shows under this new station umbrella.

We thought of the name Multiple Sclerosis Unplugged since MS does unplug connections between our brain and spinal cord. Also now in the new information age of the internet we are all receiving information unplugged, wireless and uncensored.

We want to welcome EVERYONE with Transverse Myelitis, Neuro Myelitis Optica, Optic Neuritis and of course everyone with various stages of MS. We are all in the same neurological boat so to speak and can learn a lot from each other. ;)